MICOOL (Mobile Intercultural Cooperative Learning) is an Erasmus Plus project comprising seven organisations from four programme countries and two partner countries. The programme countries are Ireland, Germany, Poland and Portugal. The partner countries are Switzerland and Montenegro. MICOOL has been inspired by a pilot project on iPads carried out in Swiss schools between 2011–2014 (My-Pad Project, Switzerland) . The participants plan to model this initiative in their own countries and develop it further.

About the Project Partners

The project consortium will work at practitioner and teacher trainer levels, as the partners include teachers working in elementary and secondary education and teacher trainers from different countries. The project’s key objectives are to:

  • Provide in-service training for teachers in using mobile technology in the classroom. This will be delivered both face to face and online using the European Learning Lab.
  • Examine current strategies and use teacher networks to exchange ideas, experiences and best practice.
  • Examine and research how and in what way innovative mobile devices change teaching and learning in the 21st century classroom.
  • Develop a needs analysis of using mobile technologies for the education of children with special needs.

The MICOOL website will facilitate the sharing of good practice among teachers on lesson planning, useful educational apps and how mobile technology can enhance the student learning experience through collaborative intercultural learning. This site will host an eBook on mobile learning with tablets, which will act as a teacher-training guide and a best practice ideas-guide for teachers on mobile cooperative learning. The site will also review apps on a regular basis where apps will have been tested and recommended by other teachers and researchers. Visitors are encouraged to make suggestions and upload their content.

You can contact the MICOOL Project Team with your suggestions, queries, etc.