Evaluating Apps for Teaching & Learning

This section of the website allows you to browse reviews for a number of frequently used iPad apps, which the MICOOL project partners have tested and evaluated. App Evaluations are shown as a summarised score derived from a weighted assessment using the relevant rubric, conducted by one of the MICOOL partners. However, we’re also interested in what you can add, and we welcome comments on the reviewed apps from users of the site, who can also leave a star-rating for any reviewed app. The aggregate rating from user reviews is also shown in the app’s listing here.


Review Model

Our review model uses modified evaluation rubrics developed by Dublin City University researchers to identify, weight and combine scores for Creative and Content-based apps:

Creative Apps

Creative Apps are those which can be used by teachers or students to create their own content for the classroom. These include a range of iPad-based media production tools for video and book creation, as well as story-telling apps. Creative apps are evaluated using a rubric that assesses their value in: Potential for Teaching, Functional Range and overall User Friendliness.

Content-based Apps

Content-based Apps are those which contain instructional content, and often assessment, and may be used by teachers and learners directly to seek information and testing on a topic. These apps are evaluated using a rubric that emphasises the following criteria: Quality of content, Design (Usability & Accessibility), Assessment, and Technical Support considerations.