Children and young people are used to it: Animated objects, “moving pictures” or artificially generated worlds presented in movies, on television, in the Internet, in computer games or on the phone. Often, however, they lack the knowledge of how the impression of movement and the illusion of “new realities” created. With stop-motion Apps learners can make a simple way animated films from individual photo series with the tablet or smartphone.

Brief Description

Cartoons are at all stages versatile and feasible in different subjects and on different topics: for example, poems, legends, ballads, self-written stories, or even for the creation of foreign-language content. Basically, a distinction is made between a Cut-out-animation-film and a 3D-animation film. The cut-out animation film depicts the simpler version. In this case all the materials needed to be cut out and laid flat on the ground. When 3D-animation movie characters from plasticine or plastic figures are needed, which can be rearranged again and again.

Possible tasks

  1. Introduction of the app by the teacher: An animated film of no more than one minute. Per second a film needs about 12 photos, or about 720 images per minute. Thus, the film can be optimally animated, while every little movement has to be photographed.
  2. Storyboard design: In cooperative work forms a common short story or a script is designed (storyboard). In this scenario, sketches of scenes are drawn. And it describes what happens in each scene. Also is listed, which happen figures.
  3. Visual design: Students gather materials and props for the animation or make himself what ago. Recommended also is a background landscape with painted sidewalls.
  4. Production: Together learners produce the animated film with the Tablet. The important thing is the division of roles. A child makes with the tablet or smartphone photos, move the other characters little by little and somebody overseeing the storyboard. The roles are reversed after a while, so all one can operate the tablet. Post are made after all the pictures of the cartoon is dubbed and enriched with music, tones, sounds or language. The post must be well organized and demands of the children great attention and care, so that all come at the right time for their use.
  5. Presentation: the animated films will be presented in class as final.


Stop-Motion-Apps are easy to handle: Stop Motion StudioiStopMotion