A day in the life of …

Children talk about daily routines and compare a typical day of her life with a typical day of a professional or celebrity. They prepare a way of demonstrating daily actions, routines and hours and presenting their results in a cartoon or an ebook.

Possible tasks

Topic  1

  • Show a clock/pictures of a clock with different hours on the board (internet, your own). Draw a clock face on the board and then change hands while miming some everyday actions, eg: 6 o’clock: I get up, 7 o’clock: I have breakfast
  • Introduce adverbs of frequency: always, never, sometimes, often, usually etc
  • Show/Write up model sentences on the board: I usually go to bed at 10 p.m.
  • Ask individual children to come to the front of the class and mime other everyday actions for the class to guess.
  • Ask the students to do a simple matching activity on the whiteboard/on paper. Match: pictures with everyday actions; activities describing these actions.
  • Ask the children to think about their daily routine
  • Ask the children to work individually: prepare the book presenting their daily routine, using StoryMaker or BookCreator. Children take pictures of themselves performing different activities. Children put these pictures into their daily routine story and describe them using StoryMaker or BookCreator.
  • Tell the children to compare their daily routines with a partner by asking and answering the question: What dio you (usually) do at …?

Topic 2

  • Show pictures of different professionals or celebrities, ask about their jobs/names (internet)
  • Revise everyday actions and frequency adverbs with a short interactive memory activity
  • Choose with children their favourite professionals or a celebrities (3-6, depending on the number of the gropus the children will be working in)
  • Divide the children into groups of 3 or 4. Decide about one professional/celebrity to be presented by the group.
  • Ask the groups to think of unusual  everyday activities typical to the person they are going to describe.
  • Ask the children to agree on 8-10 activities that make up a typical day in the life of their character. Encourage them to use their imagination and come up with some surprising ideas, eg: 11 a.m: a swim with the dolphins
  • Tell the children to make a short plan (tablets, paper): 8 a.m.: brakfast – huge glass dining room on the top of the mountain; 9 a.m.: ride on the camels.
  • In groups: Ask the children to prepare the book presenting the daily routine of their person, using Comic Life
  • When they have finished, children present their comics


StoryMaker, Book Creator, ComicLife

inspired by: D. Philips, S. Burwood, H. Dunford, PROJECTS WITH YOUNG LEARNERS, OUP, 2000