Using iMovie as an Assessment Tool in Maths

iMovie is a versatile app that can be used in a variety of different ways in the today’s classroom. This lesson plan will explain how iMovie can be used an assessment tool (AFL). Pupils work collaboratively to create an iMovie project that demonstrates the learning attained.

Teaching objectives

  • Pupils will demonstrate their learning by creating a video tutorial outlining the steps involved in the mathematical process (chosen by the teacher)
  • Pupils will work together and engage in mathematical dialogue.
  • Pupils can engage in self-assessment when reviewing and editing their video.
  • Pupils will share their learning with their peers.

Possible tasks

  • Create an iMovie that; that outlines how to draw a right angled triangle demonstrates how to complete a mathematical problem outlines the steps involved in completing a division or multiplication sum.


  • Pupils’ videos can be shared with the class (via Apple tv/other connection).
  • Pupils will self-assess their learning using two stars and wish (two things they did well and one thing they would like to improve).


iPad with iMovie installed