Fun Reading Activities at the Library

Students test their knowledge after having read a certain book or tale by answering quizzes which are made available in the school library.

Brief Description

Inquiry-based learning  involves students, builds knowledge and improves skills through questioning and answering. Game-based learning which is actually what is provided by the app Kahoot is another way of motivating students. Playing educational games is really effective because it combines inquiry-based learning with a game-like environment. In this playful way students are expected to be attracted to the school library. The quiz is created in a specific app by the teacher – which then generates a pin that will be sent to students to log into the room – and answer the questions.

Teaching Aims

  • Promote reading habits
  • Improve literacy
  • Broaden knowledge
  • Develop pleasure for reading

Possible tasks

At the library students borrow books or tales to read at home or in the lessons as part of their curricula and then test their knowledge by doing an online quiz. Students access the quiz via a code and the results are then pinned on the library wall weekly. Quizzes are devised by the librarian teacher, the subject teacher or both and deal with elements of the plot, features of the characters, settings, author and literary movement. Other topics such as native or foreign language grammar and vocabulary may also be tested.


Students write a book review on padlet and upload pictures related to the topics dealt in the book. They then post the padlet on the vlog of the class.


kahoot + padlet


Zulmira Fernandes (Portugal)