Spelling Contest

Teams of students work together in a spelling bee and take part in this contest in the classroom environment or as part of a school activity.

Brief Description

For this game, arrange students into pairs of players. Have students line up or sit next to each other; each team should choose a member to be their first player and then take turns or as alternative both students will help each other with the spelling. Before beginning the game, decide whether you are going to start at language elementary level or if students will do a placement test and pick up further at an intermediate or advanced level of the game. Still before beginning select whether you want to listen to the words in British English or American English. Decide if students should type the spelling of the words on the keyboard (easier) or pronounce it to the mike (more difficult). Vowel recognition is sometimes a problem. Students will work in teams to spell words; take turns calling out letters to correctly spell word; earn points for each correctly spelled word and proceed to the next level.

Possible tasks

Have students taking turns or helping each other spelling the words. If the team correctly spells the words, they earn points within the app and build up a tower of words until they reach the next level. When a team spells a word incorrectly, the tower falls down partially or completely to the previous level. At the end of the game, the team with the most levels obtained might be awarded a special prize.


Students get words from the teacher and put them up on a padlet, then record their voice while spelling them.