Geometrical Locus

Within the subject math, Geogebra is an app aimed at the  areas of dynamic geometry, algebra, and allows building dynamic graphs as well as mathematical models in a simple and intuitive way.

Brief Description

The math teacher defines different loci with the help of the app Geogebra. Both teacher and students build geometrical loci with the help of this app. Aims: Identify geometric shapes; Drawing geometric shapes angles and other figures; real world application of concepts; Review and practice of math concepts.

Possible tasks

In a first stage for practice and to get acquainted with the topic in study and with the app, teacher chooses one of two possible procedures: either defines / describes the locus and students draw it on the app or the other way around, the teacher draws the locus in Geogebra and students define it. Then each student builds a locus within the app and the rest of the class identifies it.


As final task students answer a quiz previously made by the teacher with the help of the app Socrative where they have to identify the different loci they have studied previously in the lesson.


Geogebra + Socrative


Joao Marques