Dyslexic re-education exercises

Students answer a Socrative quiz.

Brief Description

The quiz is created in a specific app (Socrative)  by the teacher. It has questions about specific tasks on dyslexic problems. To start this game students write a pin number generated by the app. Then, the students read the task and answer it. As the students are doing the exercises, the teacher receives a feedback of their answers and achievements.

The main goals are:

  • Distinguishing the correct spelling of words
  • Identifying words in “a” pseudo sentence
  • Write sentences ordering the given words
  • Associate the word to the corresponding phoneme
  • Distinguish the spelling, sound and meaning in similar words

Possible tasks

Multiple choice:

  • Identifying words with the strong sound of “r”; and words beginning with the letter “b”
  • Short answer – identifying words in a given sentence without spaces and ordering the sentence.
  • True / False – identifying the correct spelling of the following words: era/hera; vira/birra; nós/noz; carro/caro;


Students can analyse their answers and do specific tasks wich will help them to solve their  dyslexics problems.