Antoine De Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince

Who does not know it, the story of the pilot, who crashes to earth in the Sahara and meets a little prince from another planet who has left behind a rose over there, whose love he has recognited too late? And who does not know the central clause of statement of the book: You only see right with the heart. The essential things are invisible for the eyes.

Brief Description

The well-known novel by Antione De Saint-Exupéry has been made into a animation movie by Frijus publisher with 62 min. play length, which is tightly oriented on the original book, both concerning the content and  the drawings. The film is aimed, depending on the respective didactic approaches,  towards different age- and class levels.

Besides further didactic intentions, the goal was to summarize the movie in content, to adhere essential production data and to provide some basic informations to the biography of the author. Supplemented by a personal statement, the whole was going to be published as e-book.

Possible Tasks

  • Being able to compile a summary of a movie
  • Becoming able to carry out serious research in the web on a concrete task
  • To learn to judge a product on its aethetical aspects
  • Create an ebook with Book Creator

Follow Up

Once the task  has been fulfilled in the form described above,  similar ebooks could be self-dependently realized on a large variety of topics. This could be done on other literary texts as well as on more scientifically oriented enquiries. In the same way, also e.g. reportages can be realized.


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