Crazy iPad

The pupils are sensitized for their living environment and especially for its auditive qualities. Based on their observations or experiments, they prepare in creative way a video – respectively an audio loop.

Brief Description

In a hourlong lesson unit, the attention should once be directed in a particular way to the small things of the immediate living environment. Which sounds surround us, which we usually hardly become aware of? What causes those sounds? Which symphony of sounds results out of the combination of different sounds and pictures?

Subsequently to the introduction in the operation of the app and the demonstration of an example, pupil groups to three pupils go on the hunt for sounds and noises in the school building and record 12 video- respectively audio sequences as a whole.

After experimenation with different playback possibilities and the resulting rhythm a playback loop is fixed, which is finally exported in the photo-App. There, it can be played as video.

Possible Tasks

  • Sensitization of perception
  • Development of  creativity
  • Handling of the App MadPad
  • Fun with learning and creative designing


After the operation of the App is to be known in principle, the possibilities can be easily transferred to other circumstances. In this way, impressions of social situations (e. g. processes in education) could be described and thus, been made aware in an new and original manner.


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