The Dream

Basically, the whole teaching unit involved to concern oneself with the subject of dream and thus, with the own inner realm. The design of an  animated movie movie was just one element of the lesson. Further, classical topics of German lessons were addressed. Besides many conversations, there were writing- and  grammar units as well. In the creation of an animation  movie,  the essential subject were movie-design matters.

Brief Description

Starting point od the lesson unit was a conversation about dreams, especially about distressing dreams, as every child experiences from time to time. Due to misfortune, a flower vase broke into pieces and in nighttime’s darkness, the different fragments become interwoven, shards and flowers swirl in confusion and form the background of disturbing pictures in ever new transformations.

To avoid the necessity to design all elements by yourself, it was operated with pre-fabricated materials, partly with pictures from magazines, photographies and the elements of the Tangram-game. The pupils designed individual scenes in teamwork, which were compiled later to a unit.

Possible Tasks

  • Confrontation with the own living world / environment
  • Creative implementation of movie ideas
  • Use of the App StopMotion
  • Cooperative work in the group


Based on already gained experience, new similar projects can easily be realized, in which the pupils can proceed increasingly independently. Contributions of other subjects in project related learning would be desirable in this respect. The own experiences in the creation of an animated movie could furthermore be incorporated in discussions about other movies.


StopMotion – AppStore