The Painter and his Model

They pupils describe the work „the painter and his model“. They classify the picture in a historical context within the work of Picasso. They deal in a creative way with the picture, by creating a dialogue between the two protagonists. They constitute different aspects of the approach to the picture as ebook.

Brief Description

There is hardly another painter like Picasso who has dealt so intensively in his oevre with his own role as artist. In ever new varieties  of pictures, drawings and graphics, Picasso varies the topic, which appears under different titles. Once it is called  „the painter and his model“, another time it is called „the sculptor and his model“, or another time it is just called „in the atelier“.

The purpose of this teaching unit is that pupils intensively cope with a work of Picasso, formulate own thoughts as well as mentally pervade and capture existent interpretations.

In the critical analysis with biographical data, it will become apparent that the work of Picasso can be subdivided in changing periods on the one hand but then, on the other hand, exhibits unexpected turnarounds. Picasso cannot be explained merely out of historical  circumstances und artistical evolutions, he always created idiosyncratic works time and again.

An appealing task lies in the attempt to bring alive the featured content of a picture in language and to further elaborate the relationship of the artist towards his model in fantasy for a moment.

Possible Tasks

  • To produce a picture description
  • To read and understand a picture interpretation
  • To collect biographical data concerning the life of Picasso
  • To display the different insights as ebook and to create and recite a fictional dialogue concerning the picture content.


The learned and developed skills can easily be applied on other lesson contents, be it further presentations of significant people from histoy, culture, or biographies of natural scientists.


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