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Short Dialogues with Puppet Pals

Within the subject English (primary school), this app aims at creating dialogues and recording them allowing young pupils to practise pronunciation and intonation in a controlled environment under the teacher’s monitoring. It also allows them to use the language in a playful situation through the impersonation of fairytale characters.

Brief Description

This app develops and improves vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence building and also the students’ imagination/creativity. Students can work in pairs or in groups of 3 or 4 students. Each student chooses a character and a location. The students can drag their characters around and record their voices as if they were the character. They can create a short dialogue where one character asks a question and the other one answers it.

Possible tasks

Students record a short dialogue.


Students show their work to the class.


Tablet + Puppet Pals


Elizabete LuĂ­s

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