Fun with Stop Motion Animation

This lesson plan outlines how iMotion can be used to create a stop motion animation using pupil’s own diorama designs (created during art class). Pupils worked in groups to create their own storyboards and finally recorded and edited their animation. A cross curricular approach (Art & English) is used and pupils worked co-operatively.

Brief Description

iMotion is an app which allows pupils to create their own stop motion animation. The iMotion interface is clear and easy for all pupils to use. The first step in this lesson involves pupils designing their own background and characters for their animation during art class. The next step is storyboarding. This is an important element of the animation. During English class pupils work in groups and outline their story using a storyboard template (sketches & text). Next pupils are introduced to the app iMotion. Pupils work together to record their animation using the storyboard template. Each member of the group is allocated a role during filming (e.g. director (lets pupils know when to record-no hands in the view finder), camera person, storyboard manager, set manager (changes scene, moves characters). Once the animation has been recorded the photographs can then be exported to the video gallery. The video is imported into iMovie so pupils can edit the animation (adding sound effects, text etc.). Pupils require prior experience or instruction with iMovie in order to complete the editing process. Finally pupils can save their animation and share it with their classmates. During the publishing/sharing stage pupils can engage in self assessment using the two stars and wish model (two things they did well and one area they could improve on). Peer assessment could also be utilised.

Possible tasks

  • Create an animation based on the life of a historical figure
  • Use an animation to reinforce second language acquisition (e.g. animation based on interaction at a restaurant, introducing yourself etc.)
  • Create an animation to explain a maths concept (lines & angles, multiplication) Use animation to record a science experiment.
  • Create an animation to teach pupils about teamwork, co-operation, kindness etc.


  • Pupils can share their learning with their peers. Animation can be shared to the class blog/school website. Videos can be used for peer-learning.