Writing with Book Creator

Book creator is a versatile app that allows pupils to create their own ebook using their own text, photos, video and voice-over. The book creator interface is easy for pupils to navigate. Books that are created can be saved in a variety of ways (e.g. exported to iBooks, saved as a PDF, video etc.).

Brief Description

Step 1 Familiarisation: Pupils will first be introduced to the writing genre (in this case recount writing). Pupils will read and respond a few different written pieces from this genre. Step 2 Guided Writing: Pupils observes the teacher planning (mind mapping/graphic organiser) and writing a recount using the app Book Creator. (IWB used for display purpose) Step 3 Shared Writing: Pupils and teachers plan & write a recount together. Step 4 Independent Writing: Pupils work in pairs/small groups/independently planning and writing their recount using Book Creator Step 5 Editing & Revising; Pupil work collaboratively editing and revising their writing (self-assessment or peer assessment using checklist) Step 6  Publishing: Pupils ebook is shared with the class. It can also be uploaded to iTunes and downloaded by friends/family etc.

Possible tasks

Report on a animal/famous person/event Narrative story (can include photos of pupil’s own illustrations) Procedural writing (recipe book, how to book) Assessment of learning; create an ebook outline a history/geography/science/maths topic you have learnt about. Class Poetry Book Social Story book for pupils with autism (https://vimeo.com/147644513)


Books can be published and shared with the class and school community Pupils can create ebooks for pupils in younger class and share these books with the pupils. Pupils can revise and edit their work in a easy manner. Pupils can publish their book on iTunes.


Book Creator is a very useful app that can be used in a multitude of ways in the classroom for any task and in any subject. It is easy to navigate and work can be published in a variety of ways.