Learning by explaining

Processing depth is a keyword in learning. Once you can explain an issue to somebody else, you have really “learned” it sustainably. With the app “Explain everything” you can easily create films including animation.

Brief Description

In my Economics class I wanted my pupils to understand basic ideas of Economics, such as net and gross. So I asked them to make a short “Explain” film about these fundamentals. Some students chose an own topic they were interested in, i.e.: “Why do Swiss people get a tax refund after Shopping in Germany?”

Objects Content: Depending on subject/ topic Extracting, processing and presentation of information Media competence: Using various features of presentation tools.

Possible tasks

  • Find a question you are interested in (or choose one of the topics/questions given by the teacher).
  • Research in the internet.
  • Make a presentation with the App „Explain everything“. Use texts, audio, video, illustrations….
  • Presentation and feedback


  • Presentation in school/outside/class.
  • Making a library of short “explain” films for other students.