Animated Greeting Cards

A very easy introduction to animation is an animated card. When introducing animation students are unsure of how it works. This is a simple and easy way for them to begin and is suitable for all abilities.

Brief Description

Students select a suitable background for their card. They can either make or use existing figures for the animation.

Possible tasks

  • Students create suitable backgrounds during an art lesson. They used shoe boxes and decorated the insides as a background to the card.
  • In this example they create a Happy Halloween greeting.
  • The card setting was a haunted scene.The colours used were orange and black in keeping with Halloween.
  • Lego figures were used to create the animation. iMotion has a built in audio function.
  • Two figures walk along and when they see the haunted house they run away.


  • Students make animated cards for other celebrations such as Christmas, Easter or St Patrick’s Day