Video Self Portrait

Brief Description

Record yourself with a video to get an immediate feedback, so that you can improve your work. Learning by experience means doing something, reflecting it and doing better next time. This basic idea is also found in the PDCA management method, serving here as a model for a lesson plan.

  • P (plan): Plan a short presentation (a self portrait, any topic, a short film-scene…).
  • D (do): Perform and film your presentation
  • C (check): Watch the film, get feedback from others
  • A (act/ adjust): Adjust/ change your performance and start again until you like your final Version.

Possible tasks

  • Make a “Wanted Poster” about yourself (see detailed attachment).
  • Introduce yourself, record it with a camera (tablet or smartphone).
  • Watch your result (with a partner/ with your teacher).
  • What can you do better? Record it again until you are happy with your result.


  • Introduce yourself and tell something interesting – your holidays, a curious experience, an interesting hobby/ friend…
  • Make a presentation about a topic.
  • Make a film scene (groupwork).
  • Watch the films in class/ at school…


Download task profile