My allowance, my Spending

Brief Description

Students draw straight lines, semi-straight lines, line segments, angles, polygons and use the Cartesian coordinate system. Students open a graphic sheet in the app Geogebra. They have to mark two points in the Cartesian coordinate system and then unite those points by drawing two parallel lines. By applying the same procedure students will then have to draw two perpendicular straight lines and two oblique lines. Afterwards students are asked to draw further points in the Cartesian coordinate system and unite them. The last step is to name / classify the polygons drawn.

Possible tasks

Students have to:

  • Set points in the Cartesian coordinate system;
  • Draw two parallel straight lines;
  • Draw two perpendicular straight lines;
  • Draw 3, 4, 5, 6-sided polygons;
  • Classify each polygon within the Cartesian coordinate system.


Students use knowledge acquired to further solve the activities of a handout prepared by the teacher..


Geogebra – download


Maria de Jesus Ribeiro