Brief Description

Students analyse the importance of the WWW in today’s world and write reflections on it which they share with the whole class on a padlet prepared by the teacher.

After reading a text in the coursebook on the presence of the World Wide Web in today’s life and society, students reflect on how useful it has become as a working, studying and entertainment tool, as well as a lurking danger in some other aspects.

Students reflect about how they use the internet, what they use it for, its advantages and disadvantages and upload their posts onto the digital wall – Padlet.

Possible tasks

  • Students train their writing skills and produce an opinion text;
  • Students look for examples of pros and cons of the internet use to further illustrate their opinion;
  • Students read their classmates opinions and reflect on them;
  • Students gain awareness of an internet safe behaviour.


  • Making an eBook, using BookCreator, on tips and suggestions for Internet safety.