World War 2

Brief Description

Students brainstorm ideas about the events prior to the beginning of World War 2. Teacher presents the main events during the war years are presented. Consolidation of knowledge and critical reflection about the end of the war is carried out.

Possible tasks

Brainstorming students’ ideas

  • Collaborative work – a Padlet about the events prior to the beginning of World War 2.
  • Summarising ideas and answering possible questions.

Presenting the main events of the war as it unfolded.

  • Powerpoint presentation on the app Explain Everything. A chronological summary, viewing short films on the elearning platforms (Escola Virtual and Plataform 20), about the topic previously dealt with. Recording the whole procedure.
  • Commenting the content and topics dealt with in the films


Answering an evaluation test

  • Students answer questions on Socrative Student, which allows them and the teacher to understand what was learnt and where students still have problems
  • Homework: On a Padlet students analize, understand, interpret, criticise and write about the atomic bombs which brought World War 2 to an end.
  • The whole planning of the lesson and the work delivered is concentrated on the app Book Creator and then exported to video and pdf.


  • Vídeo on  Explain Everything;
  • Socrative teacher – assessment test
  • Padlet – reflection about the atomic bombs
  • Book Creator – summary vídeo about everything

Online Resources


Maria Filomena Ladeira Matos