Consolidating the study of Auto da Barca do Inferno, by Gil Vicente.

Brief Description

To conclude the sudy of Gil Vicente’s play – Auto da Barca do Inferno -, students will be asked to match – in Spiderscribe – the different characters of the play with their main psychological features and the symbols that represent their sins, following the given example of the character “Fidalgo”. Students will be divided into groups and each one of them will be responsible for one character, editing the Spiderscribe scheme previously shared by the teacher. In the end, all the students will save the correct scheme to study for the test. Then they will solve a Kahoot test, about general knowledge of the play, as a means of preparation for the evaluation test.

Possible tasks

One of the students writes the summary of the previous lesson on the board: “Reading comprehension of the final scenes of the play Auto da Barca do Inferno.”;

  • Students are divided into groups (the number of groups depends on the total number of students);
  • Each group has to match one character of the play with its main psychological features and symbol(s). One of the groups is responsible for both “Corregedor” and “Procurador”, as they share the psychological description;
  • Students are shown the scheme they have to edit, previously shared by the teacher with all the students (as editors), so that they can open it on their iPads and do as asked, in collaborative mode (it is necessary to download Puffin Browser, for example);
  • While students are working, the teacher draws their attention to incorrect matching, as everyone can see what all the groups are doing;
  • Students are given 20 minutes to do the task, following the given example;
  • After the given time, teacher will check each character and correct the whole exercise;
  • Teacher then opens Kahoot and launches a test about the play;
  • Students are given the game pin and solve the test in their iPads.


  • Writing a brief summary of each of the 12 scenes of the play, using given information on the Spiderscribe exercise and the Kahoot test.






Ana Isabel Silva