Creating an Animated Story in a Second Language

Brief Description

Puppet Pals is an app that allows users to create animated cartoons using a variety of different backgrounds and characters. Puppet Pals is a useful learning tool for second language acquisition. Projects can be created collaboratively and teachers can use projects for assessment purposes.

Possible tasks

Prior Knowledge: Pupils have completed a topic/theme in their second language class. Pupils have been given a brief overview of how Puppet Pals works or have previously used Puppet Pals

  • Firstly pupils are assigned their project task (create an animated story/dialogue based on the topic covered e.g. shopping, my home, my family etc.) Teachers may choose to use a rubric for assessment purposes. The class is divided in groups of 3 or 4.
  • Pupils brainstorm their project ideas and create a storyboard (using paper or an app). Decisions on background, characters etc can be made at this stage. Puppet Pals also allows users to use photos from their own photo album and to cut images if they so wish.
  • When pupils have completed the planning stage they can begin creating their animated cartoon on the Puppet Pals app.
  • Each group will review and edit their animated cartoon.
  • Finally each group will export their project as video (further editing can be done in iMovie)
  • Projects are presented to the class (preferably on a large screen).
  • Teacher assesses pupils’ work. This informs future teaching and learning. Peer assessment could also be undertaken.

Second Language Acquisition Tasks

  • Story creation
  • Animated Dialogue (ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions)
  • Adding an alternative ending to a story
  • Creating a personal story (using pupils’ own photographs)


Pupils’ animated cartoons can be used for topic revision.


Puppet Pals App (Free & paid version available)

Note in relation to example animation: This animation was created by a group of pupils who are 9 years of age. They created the animation in Irish. The title of their animation uses incorrect syntax, this informed the teacher that revision needs to be done in this area.