Learning about Children in Developing Countries (E-books)

Brief Description

Book Creator is one of the most popular classroom apps. It’s versatility allows for it to be used in almost all subject areas. This lesson plan outlines how pupils worked in groups researching the experiences of children in developing countries and created e-books about the life of children in the country they were researching.

Possible tasks

Lesson Outline

  • Pupils work in groups to research a developing country of their choice or assigned country.
  • Each member of the group is assigned a role (leader, researcher, recorder, illustrator etc.)
  • Pupils use kidrex.org or another suitable child friendly search engine to research their assigned country.
  • Pupils plan an outline of their e-book (storyboarding)
  • When pupils have completed the planning stage they can begin creating their e-book using the Book Creator app.
  • Each group will review and edit their e-book. Peer review can also be undertaken.
  • Finally each group will share their e-book with the class. (E-books can be converted to a PDF or Movie and uploaded to the class website/blog or shared via email).
  • E-books are presented to the class (preferably on a large screen).

Follow up Activities

  • E-books can be used for assessment and revision purposes.
  • Pupils can publish their book to the iBooks store.
  • Other E-book Projects
    • An e-book based on personal experience (My School, My Class, My Family etc.)
    • An e-book based on a historical figure
    • Create a book review using Book Creator
    • Publish pupil’s own stories


Book Creator