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Socrative  is a Cloud-based student response system, an App which allows simple quiz creation and enables teachers to collect data from their students via mobile devices.


Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system and a fun educational platform.  Through quizzing teachers can use it in every subject and any topic for fun formative assessment or presentation of content. 


Geogebra It is a free app which allows teachers to build or adapt learning experiences and to meet their kids needs. GeoGebra offers endless math learning possibilities if teachers and students are willing to invest the time exploring its [...]

Geometrical Locus

Geometrical Locus Within the subject math, Geogebra is an app aimed at the  areas of dynamic geometry, algebra, and allows building dynamic graphs as well as mathematical models in a simple and intuitive way. Brief Description [...]

EFL – English Foreign Language with Duolingo

English Foreign Language (EFL) with Duolingo Students practice and improve their English knowledge in a playful fun game with a variety of activities. App respects different levels of proficiency and allows students to progress at their on speed. It [...]


Phrasalstein It is very funny. Graphics and music are very appealing. Contains 100 phrasal verb animations. Provides a learning/studying area. There is no progression or level differenciation within this app. It repaets itself after [...]

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