Pocket Phonics

This is an excellent app to support the teaching of English Phonics. It is well structured and child friendly. It is aligned to the Jolly Phonics series and there is an assessment at the end of each section. Individuals can have separate profiles and can be grouped according to class or as the teacher selects.

Write about this

The app is designed to help students (and their teachers) by providing a fun and safe way to browse, create and respond to visual writing prompts. All 125 pages and 375 prompts are interesting and appropriate and everyone can write, save and share their writing by email. An ideal tool for creative learning and teaching English.

Super Duper StoryMaker

Super Duper StoryMaker A great tool to help with language learning and developing imagination. Editing texts is rather difficult: texts can only be deleted or added, not edited. Summary [...]

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