Spiderscribe It is easy to handle; It is intuitive with an uncomplicated editing; It can be used collaboratively; It can be used with all levels of teaching in any subject; It also gives collaborators the chance [...]


Pixton is an online comic-generating tool which has education-specific account options. Teachers can devise assignments and then populate the account with students. Students will then create comics within that Pixton account following the teacher's guidelines. Comics are lively and colourful and the options within the program are many from backgrounds to characters, movement, moods,etc.


Filebrowser Summary In the context of the deployment of iPads in an educational correlation, former or later the question will emerge how to transmit files to another PC, [...]


Multidingsda vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund Summary Multidingsda is an App, which helps children to practice the basic vocabulary in a playful way, be it  substantives, verbs, adjectives or [...]

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