The Big Challenge Verb Ace

The Big Challenge Verb Ace is a game app (it is also available as a website). It was developed in order to help the students learn irregular verbs. It gives them the possibility to practice the infinitive, simple past and past participle forms while having fun.

The UK Quiz – a London Digital Wall

Students test their knowledge and find out about the UK: its culture, customs, history, geography, literature, etc.  Furthermore, students write about London sights.


Socrative  is a Cloud-based student response system, an App which allows simple quiz creation and enables teachers to collect data from their students via mobile devices.


Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system and a fun educational platform.  Through quizzing teachers can use it in every subject and any topic for fun formative assessment or presentation of content. 

Fun Reading Activities at the Library

Fun Reading Activities at the Library Students test their knowledge after having read a certain book or tale by answering quizzes which are made available in the school library. Brief Description Inquiry-based learning  involves students, builds [...]

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