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Learning about Children in Developing Countries (E-books)

Learning about Children in Developing Countries (E-books) Brief Description Book Creator is one of the most popular classroom apps. It’s versatility allows for it to be used in almost all subject areas. [...]

Creating an Animated Story in a Second Language

Creating an Animated Story in a Second Language Brief Description Puppet Pals is an app that allows users to create animated cartoons using a variety of different backgrounds and characters. Puppet Pals [...]

Auto da Barca do Inferno

Students will be asked to describe the characters in the play Auto da Barca do Inferno and identify the scenic symbols that they present onstage, through Spiderscribe. At the end of the class, they shall solve a test in Kahoot, as a means of concluding and consolidating the study of the play.

The Internet – Pros and Cons

Students analyse the importance of the WWW in today's world and write reflections on it which they share with the whole class on a padlet prepared by the teacher.

Animated Greeting Cards

A very easy introduction to animation is an animated card. When introducing animation students are unsure of how it works. This is a simple and easy way for them to begin and is suitable for all abilities.  

Learning by explaining

Processing depth is a keyword in learning. Once you can explain an issue to somebody else, you have really “learned” it sustainably. With the app “Explain everything” you can easily create films including animation.  

Writing with Book Creator

Book creator is a versatile app that allows pupils to create their own ebook using their own text, photos, video and voice-over. The book creator interface is easy for pupils to navigate. Books that are created can be saved in a variety of ways (e.g. exported to iBooks, saved as a PDF, video etc.).  

Fun with Stop Motion Animation

This lesson plan outlines how iMotion can be used to create a stop motion animation using pupil's own diorama designs (created during art class). Pupils worked in groups to create their own storyboards and finally recorded and edited their animation. A cross curricular approach (Art & English) is used and pupils worked co-operatively.  

Short Dialogues with Puppet Pals

Short Dialogues with Puppet Pals Within the subject English (primary school), this app aims at creating dialogues and recording them allowing young pupils to practise pronunciation and intonation in a controlled environment under [...]

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