Agrupamento Escolas Figueiro dos Vinhos

AEFVAgrupamento Escolas Figueiro dos Vinhos is a network of public schools working under supervision of the Ministry of Education. It is located in the centre of Portugal, a region known as Pinhal Interior (Inner Pinewood). The schools aim to promote equal opportunities for students, providing adequate teaching, social and professional integration. Students of all levels of teaching attend the group of schools from kindergarten to upper secondary, aged three to eighteen.

At present AEFV have around 700 students. There are about 50 students with permanent special needs integrated in regular classes. Some of these students receive specific individual curricula and are
They have also been internationally involved in different Comenius, Elos and etwinning projects aiming at widening their experiences and reinforcing their European awareness.

AEFV is also a promoter in different teacher training actions in areas such as ICT, health, different ability classes, didactics, entrepreneurship, etc. It has been working in conjunction with CenForMaz the official regional institution responsible for teacher training of the area.

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