Staatliches Schulamt (SSA) Lörrach

The „Staatliches Schulamt Lörrach“ (local school authority)  provides partnership, consultancy and support to all Gemeinschafts-, Grund-, Real-, Werkreal- und Sonderschulen and Schulkindergärten (pre-primary, primary and secondary schools up to class 10 and to special needs schools) in the local districts of Loerrach and Waldshut.

The “Kreismedienzentren“ (Media centres) Lörrach and Waldshut are  project partners with the Staatliches Schulamt in the MICOOL project.  They continually develop the essential pedagogical and technical know-how of new media / ICT in the classroom. They support schools with consultation, teacher training and the option to loan  media and technical devices.

They  make a vital contribution to the educational opportunities for pupils, students and parents through quality development and  training for teachers and headteachers.

In the context of the MICOOL project, they will play a key role in the development of individualized and cooperative teaching and learning methodologies and teacher training material with a focus on the inclusive education.

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