Classrooms are busy places and assessment can often be a boring and laborious task both for pupils and teachers. Two years ago I heard of a wonderful app called Plickers. It is a simple, easy to use tool that offers a quick and easy assessment alternative. Since I have started using Plickers pupils love engaging in assessment for learning and find assessment fun.

Plickers requires the use of both the website  ( and the app, however student devices are not required, only the teachers tablet/iPad. To begin using Plickers, teachers must create a profile and class on Next assessment questions can be created  (multiple choice/true or false/picture can be included). Questions are saved to a folder (class/subject related). Teachers print off plicker cards which are numbered and can be reused for any class. Each pupil has a number and uses the card that corresponds to their number. The card is used to answer the question by turning it the correct way (a faced up, b faced up etc.)

To begin using this tool with a class, you simple enter live view on the website and open the Plickers app on your iPad/iPhone/tablet and select the question you want pupils to answer. The pupils use their Plickers card to answer the question. Their card is scanned with the teachers iPad/tablet etc. Pupils responses are displayed in graph format on the screen. The correct answer can be revealed after the responses have been collected. All the information on student answers is saved on the website and teachers can review individual assessment data.

Plickers is available to download from;