First of all, congrats to Portugal! After this very special football time (it has been great fun communicating with our European project partners during the European Championship) we can go back to work and, soon to holidays! Here something about our plans after the summer break:
The Schulzentrum Efringen-Kirchen is planning to do a short tablet project for primary kids. On the one hand we are sure that the children would be highly motivated. But on the other hand we want them to really benefit and not only play with tablets – or in the worst case develop bad habits.
In the planning phase I received vital information from imedias, our Swiss project partner. Thanks again to Claudia and her team for inviting me to their teacher training in Brugg on 1. of June 2016.
Our project will run in early autumn 2016. The basic idea is to teach programming.

Programming means, first of all, thinking logically. For training I found good material on . There are manifold exercises, involving “Logical thinking” such as categorizing, sorting and more. These tasks work with various materials (i.e. dices) and worksheets, but no computers or tablets will be needed.
Further we will let children train programming with tablets.
Here I found good tools:

After that we will try first steps with scratch: Creating animations and stories.

I find that a good plan (in theory) and now I am curios how the project will work (in practice).
Frank Hofmaier, Team Germany