This week I recorded some songs with my students. First I produced some playback. I tried to do it with Garageband, but it was not possible to make measure change within the song, so I used the app Cubasis, which can be more manipulated than Garageband.

„GarageBand“ von Apple

  • GarageBand works with Loops and is not so flexible.
  • GarageBand doesn’t work so good with audio recording, because there is too much latency, which is better with Cubasis.
  • Cubasis is the app version of the professional music software Cubase.
  • But it is much easier to handle, although the project can be afterwards exported to Cubase.

„Cubasis 2 – Mobile Music Creation System“ von Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

  • There is also a free version, which is quite nice:

„Cubasis 2 – Mobile Music Creation System“ von Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

  • But it needs some special hardware.

After producing the playbacks with very loud melody track, because it is easier to sing along, I went to the classroom with my iPad. Recording the whole class is a problem because I record the students I will also record the playback. And so it is not possible to change the tracks afterwards. So I first recorded some good singing pupils on separate tracks and the pupils used headphones. Although the apple built in microphone is quite good, I was not so happy with the quality. So I used an condenser microphone: the iRig Mic from IK multimedia:

It is mono and has an separate headphone output. I can be plugged in via lightning which is quite comfortable. So after that i was quite happy with the recording. But now I needed the class choir on my tracks. For this I used the stereo microphone Shure MV 88. This microphone can be more directed so only the choir is recorded, not the playback:

I did some mastering in cubase and uploaded it then to soundcloud.

„SoundCloud – Musik & Audio“ von SoundCloud Ltd.